Citrate of Magnesia: may be formed extemporaneously by mixing the solutions of 240 grs. of Citric Acid and 210 grs. of Magnes. Carb. and evaporating.

Med. Prop. and Action. Mild purgative. Its operation is much milder than the Sulphate; and it has the advantage of being devoid of any unpleasant taste. The granulated effervescing Citrate is a useful and elegant form for administration.

Dose, gr. clxxx., or more.

1765. Therapeutic Uses

In Febrile and Inflammatory Attacks in the Puerperal state, when a mild refrigerant aperient is required, the following may be employed: - ft Acid. Citric, gr. xxx., Aq. fl. oz. j., Syr. Aurant. n. drs. ij. Add this to fl. drs. x. of fluid Magnesia (Bicarb.) and drink whilst effervescing.

1766. In Hydrocephalus, Dr

Cheyne found 3j. - 3ij. of Carbonate of Magnesia, saturated with lemon-juice, taken every two or three hours, sit well on the stomach, even when it was irritable; and act freely as a purgative in most cases. He advises its use.

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1767. In Nervous And Dyspeptic Headaches, A Draught Similar To That Advised In Sect

1765 is often very effectual. It should not be had recourse to frequently, as a constant repetition is likely to injure the tone of the gastric mucous membrane.