The Binoxide, or Black Oxide of Manganese. MnO2. Comp. Manganese 63.64, Oxygen 36.36, in 100 parts; or, 1 Eq. Manganese =28, +2 Oxygen = 16 = 44, Eq. Wt.

Med. Prop. and Action. Tonic and alterative. M. Hannon has investigated its properties. He considers that Manganese in its properties closely resembles Iron, and is applicable to the same class of diseases; in one respect, however, it differs; namely, in not being found in the faeces of persons who take it, or at least in very small quantity. In simple AnAemia, he found it to act as beneficially and as rapidly as Iron, and the benefit appeared to be more permanent. It should not be persevered in so long as Iron, as its salts are more rapidly assimilated. The Sulphate and Carbonate of the Protoxide have been given in small doses in AnAemia. In doses of gr. lx. to gr. cxx., the former has a purgative effect. From some experiments of Dr. Goolden§; made with the Sulphate of Manganese, it appears to exercise a specific influence on the liver and gall-bladder. Externally it is used in the form of ointment (gr. lx. - gr. cxx., Lard oz. j.) or gargle (gr. cxx. - clxxx., Barley Water fl. oz. vj). It is of great importance in the process for setting free Chlorine as a disinfectant (see Chlorum).

Dose of Binoxide of Manganese, gr. iij. - gr. x. - gr. xx., thrice daily. It is rarely prescribed.

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1775. Therapeutic Uses

It has been employed in Syphilis, Scrofula, Scorbutus, and many diseases of the Skin, both externally and internally, but it has fallen into disuse. Its effects are very uncertain.

1776. In Anaemia, It Is Advised By M

Hannon (see ante). 1777. As a remedy in certain irritable conditions of the Stomach and forms of Dyspepsia, the Oxide has been recommended by Dr. Leared. Corroborative evidence as to its value in cases of Gastric Irritation is given by Dr. Goddard Rogers.* The dose given is gr. x. - xv., thrice daily.