Dr. Bennett advises one or two table-spoonfuls, to be taken twice or thrice daily, an hour after a light meal. This dose, for an adult, may be gradually increased. Many patients, however, cannot take such large doses without constant nausea and loss of appetite. It is better in these cases to commence with one or two teaspoonfuls three times a day, and gradually to increase the dose to a table-epoonful or more as the stomach becomes accustomed to it. The best time to administer it is immediately after a meal. It is digested with the food, and it is less liable to repeat. Patients who can take it at no other time will sometimes retain a dose if given the last thing before going to bed. M. Trousseau * administers to children doses of from exx. - f3iij. daily, mixed with syrup. Dr. Klencke directs three table-spoonfuls of the Oil daily, as the smallest dose for an adult to commence with, which quantity may be increased daily to twenty spoonfuls, or until the patient almost entirely lives on the Oil. It is seldom possible, and never advisable, to carry it to this extent. Inunction with the Oil is useful as a supplementary measure.

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1815. Various Substitutes Have Been Proposed

Vegetable oils have been stated by Dr. Duncan and Mr. Nunn, of Colchester, to be nearly, if not equally, efficacious with Cod Liver OiL Dr. Theophilus Thompson, however, found that Almond Oil or Olive Oil did not enrich the blood in the same way as Cod Liver Oil. He thought that Cocoa-nut Oil bore a nearer resemblance to Cod Liver Oil in this respect. Dr. Bagot has obtained excellent effects from other fish oils; and in the Madras Presidency, the oil obtained from the livers of the Seer fish has been given an extensive trial Of twenty-five medical officers, twenty-three record their opinions that, as a therapeutic agent, it is of equal efficacy with the Cod Liver Oil imported from Europe, and is applicable to the same class of diseases. MM. Grirardin and Pressier consider the oil of the liver of the Skate preferable to that of the Cod. Oils also from the livers of the shark and ray closely resemble Cod Liver Oil Glycerine has also been proposed, but it proved a failure.

1816. Ozonized Cod Liver Oil has been thought by some preferable to the ordinary Oil, from the power it has been shown by Dr. E. S. Thompson§ to possess, of reducing the frequency of the pulse, an important point especially in Phthisis. This effect was not perceived when a less quantity than f 3ij. twice daily was administered. It was more marked when this dose was doubled. The Oleine of the Cod Liver Oil, instead of the simple Oil, has been advocated by Dr. Leared,|| but it does not appear to have been generally adopted.