(Telini, Hind.) A Coleopterous Insect allied to Cantharis Vesicatoria. It is found in many parts of the East, and in the Indian Peninsula.

Med. Prop. and Action. A powerful rubefacient and vesicant. As an external application, it is a good substitute for Cantharides, but contains a larger proportion of Cantharidine, and is consequently more powerful in its action. If, however, it be used of aproper strength, it is perfectly safe, is speedy in its action, and renders the medical man in India independent of the European article, at least as an external application. For internal use, it should not be substituted for the Tincture of Cantharides, as the strength and operation of the latter is well ascertained and uniform, which is not the case with the Mylabris: indeed, it is noted in the Deng. Pharm. as "a very dangerous internal remedy." Externally, it may be applied most advantageously in Tincture (gr. clxxx., Proof Spirit Oij.), or in acetous solution (oz. ij., Acetic Acid Oj.). The latter I have used in a great number of cases, with excellent effect; the fluid should be rubbed on the skin with a feather, and dressed with a light poultice, some simple cerate, or plantain leaves.

Therapeutic Uses. See Blisters, part ii.