M. Fragrans. The Nutmeg Tree. Nat. Ord. Myristicaceae. Linn. Syst. Dicia Monadelphia. Hab. The Moluccas, Sumatra, East and "West Indies.

Med. Prop. and Action. The kernel of the seed (the Nutmeg of commerce), its lanceolate envelope (mace), with the distilled and expressed oils (Ol. Myristic and Adeps MyristicAe), obtained from them, are the only parts employed medicinally. Nutmegs are stimulant and carminative, and, in large doses, are reported to be narcotic. Bontius adduces several instances in which Nutmegs caused giddiness, delirium, stupor, and much cerebral and nervous disturbance. Similar cases are mentioned by Cullen and Pereira. Nutmegs and mace are much used as condiments, and are supposed to assist the digestive process.

Offic. Prep. Of Nutmeg: - 1. Pulvis Aromaticus. (See Cinnamomum.)

2. Tinctura Lavandulae Composita

(See Lavandula.)

Of the Concrete Oil (obtained by means of expression and heat from Nutmegs) (Adeps MyristicAe): - Emplastrum Picis. (See Pix Bcrgundica.)

Of the Volatile Oil (distilled in England from the Nutmeg) (Oleum MyristiAe): - 1. Spiritus AmmoniAee Aromaticus. (See Ammon. Sp. Aromat.)

2. Spiritus Myristicae (Volatile Oil Of Nutmeg Fl

oz. j.; Rectified Spirit fl. oz. ix.). Dose, ex. - ex.

Dose of Nutmeg or of Mace, gr. x. - gr. xx.; of Oleum MyristicAe, ej. - v.

Contra-Indications. 1, all acute sthenic febrile and inflammatory states; 2, plethora, with a determination of blood to the head.

1852. Therapeutic Uses

In Asthenic Diarrhoea, Nutmeg may be given with advantage. Dr. Pereira states that he has frequently employed it in mild cases as a substitute for Opium; and advises warm brandy and water as a vehicle, unless the spirit is contra-indicated.

1853. In Flatulence And Flatulent Colic, A Few Drops Of 01

Myrist. (gutt. ij. - v.) afford relief, or a small portion of Nutmeg may be given in warm brandy and water.

1854. In Toothache, A Drop Or Two Of 01

Myrist. introduced into the hollow of a carious tooth, gives immediate ease in some cases.

* Diseases of. the East Indies, p. 194.

1855. In Chronic Rheumatism, Paralysis, Sprains, &c., the expressed Oil of Nutmegs, diluted with Liniment. Sapon., forms a very useful stimulating embrocation.