Spiritus Pyroxylicus Rectificatus. Rectified Pyroxylic Spirit. Wood Spirit. Hydrated Oxide of Methyle (C2H3O, HO) with about 10 per cent, of Water. A product of the destructive distillation of Wood. Sp. Gr. 0.841 to 0.846.

Med. Prop. and Action. Stimulant. It is said also to be narcotic. It has been used to check vomiting and cough in various atonic conditions.

Dose, ev. - exxx.

1866. Therapeutic Uses

In Phthisis, it has been strongly advocated by Dr. J. Hastings and Dr. Hocken,§ who state that they were led to its use by observing, that tubercles obtained from patients who had died of Phthisis were completely soluble in it. The dose advised was exv., gradually increased till ezz - l. were taken, four times a day. The statements of these gentlemen were received with much doubt by the profession. Dr. Theophilus Thompson || has investigated the subject. He states, that when the bronchial tubes are affected, and there is much expectoration, Naphtha seems, to a certain extent, to lessen the secretion, and the night-perspiration; - but that, in all other stages, particularly in the third, it is productive of positive mischief. Excepting the above, it has no single beneficial effect on the disease.