The Hydrosulpburet has been extensively employed by Drs. Marsh,t Thwaites. and Graves,§ as a means of lowering the action of the heart, without inducing much debility. It does not appear to have sustained its character, being now rarely employed. It was given in doses of gutt. iv. - v., gradually increased to xx. - xxx., largely diluted with water. Dr. Graves || observes, that in no instance did it exert the slightest effect upon the heart's action, or on the pulse.

189. Phthisis

Dr. Rollo advised the use of the Hydrosul-phuret in Phthisis, on a theory of its chemical action. It has also been recommended by Drs. Armstrong, Newton, and Marsh, but it has never come into general use, and is too powerful in its action for ordinary cases. It appears to act powerfully on the pulmonary mucous membrane.

190. Cholera

Mr. A. Blacklock, of the Madras service, advises the employment of enemas of the Hydrosulphuret of Ammonia (fjj. ad Aq. Oij.). It forms part of "the Sulphur treatment" of Cholera (see Sulphur).