Iodide of Ammonium. NH4I. Hydrio-date of Ammonia. Obtained by the action of Iodine, on a solution of the Hydrosulphuret of Ammonia, or by saturating liquid Hydriodic Acid with Caustic Ammonia and evaporating to crystallization. It is a very deliquescent salt, and requires to be kept in well-stoppered bottles.

Med. Prop. and Action. Alterative, tonic, and anti-syphilitic. Gamberini in some cases carried the dose to grs. xvj. with no greater inconvenience than a sense of heat in the throat and stomach. It closely resembles the Iodide of Potassium, but is more powerful. It sometimes acts as a diuretic. Externally it is used in the form of ointment (gr. xx. - gr. lx. ad. Ung. oz. j.), which should be freshly prepared when required for use, as it decomposes by exposure to the air.

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Dose, gr. j. - gr. iij., or more.

192. Therapeutic Uses

As a remedy in Skin Diseases it was first proposed by Biett, and Dr. Pennock* has recorded several cases of Lepra and Psoriasis cured by its means. It appears especially adapted for Syphilitic Affections of the Skin.

193. In Syphilitic Affections It Was First Employed By Dr

B. W. Richardson, who reported favourably of its operation. More recently it has been systematically tried by Dr. Gamberini who considers - 1. That it is suitable for all cases in which the Iodides of Potassium and Sodium are employed; 2. That it leads to a rapid cure; 3. That there is great tolerance of the remedy; 4. That employed in friction with olive oil (gr. iij. ad O1. j.) it causes the disappearance of Nocturnal Syphilitic Pains; 5. That under its internal use Indurations consecutive to Chancre disappear, as do also Indurated Glands of the Groin; 6. That Arthralgia, Rheumatoid Affections, Periostitis, Enlarged Glands, and Papulo- Vesicular Syphilitic Eruptions, are the forms of syphilis most readily cured by this salt; 7. The signs of intolerance are a sense of burning in the throat, and heat of the stomach, but these rapidly disappear on the suspension of the medicine for a couple of days. It seems well worthy of more extended use.

194. In Scrofula, attended with Glandular Enlargement, or Incipient Phthisis, and in Chronic Rheumatism, Dr. Richardson used the Iodide with advantage. In Enlarged Tonsils, he found a solution of the Iodide (3SS.) in Glycerine (fj.) very efficacious. It was applied every night by means of a large camel's hair brush.