Prep. 1. Morphiae Hydrochloras. (See art. Morphia.)

2. Emplastrum Opii (Finely Powdered Opium Oz

j.; Resin Plaster oz. ix.).

3. Enema Opii (Tincture Of Opium Fl

drm. ss.; Mucilage of Starch fl. oz ij.).

4. Extractum Opii (Opium In Thin Slices Lb

j.; Distilled Water Ovj. Prepared by macerating the Opium in Oij of Water for twenty-four hours, and expressing the liquor. The operation is repeated three times. The liquors are then mixed, strained through flannel, and evaporated by a water bath to a proper consistence). Dose, gr. 1/4 - gr. iij., or more. Believed to be less stimulating than powdered Opium, and preferable as a sedative.

5. Extractum Opii Liquidum (Extract Of Opium Oz

j.; Distilled Water fl. oz. xvij.; Rectified Spirit fl. oz. iij. Prepared by digesting the Extract in the Water one hour, filtering, and adding the Spirit). This preparation is one-eighth part stronger than the Tincture. Dose, eiv. - exl., or more.

6. Linimentum Opii (Tincture Of Opium Fl

oz. ij.; Soap Liniment fl. oz. ij.).

7. Pilula Opii (Finely Powdered Opium Oz

ss.; Hard Soap oz. ij.; Distilled Water q. s.). A substitute for the Pilula Saponis Comp. (Ph. L). Gr. v. contain gr. j. of Opium. Dose, gr. iiss. - v. - x.

8. Pilula Plumbi Cum Opio (Finely Powdered Acetate Of Lead Gr

xxxvj.; Finely Powdered Opium gr. vj.; Confection of Roses gr. vj.). Gr. viij. contain gr. j. of Opium. Dose, gr. iij. - gr. viij.

9. Pulvis Cretae Aromaticus Cum Opio (Aromatic Powder Of Chalk Oz

ix}.; Powdered Opium oz. 1/4). Gr. xl contain gr. j. of Opium. A substitute for Pulvis CretAe Comp. cum Opio (Ph. L.). Dose, gr. x. - gr. lx.

10. Pulvis Ipecacuanhae Cum Opio (Powdered Ipecacuan Oz Ss

; Powdered Opium oz. ss.; Sulphate of Potash oz. iv.). Pulv. IpecacuanhAe Comp. (Ph. L.). (Dover's Powder). Gr. x. contain gr. j. of Opium. Dose, gr. v. - x. - xv.

11. Pulvis Kino Cum Opio (Powdered Kino Oz

iij.3/4; Powdered Opium oz. 1/4; Powdered Cinnamon oz. j.). Pulvis Kino Comp. (Ph. L.). Gr. xx. contain gr. j. of Opium. Dose, gr. x., upwards.

12. Tinctura Opii (Opium In Coarse Powder Oz

iss.; Proof Spirit Oj. Prepared by maceration and expression). exiv.1/2 contain gr. j. of dry Opium. Dose, ev. - exl., or even more, according to circumstances.

13. Tinctura Camphorae Cum Opio (Opium In Coarse Powder Gr

xl.; Benzoic Acid gr. xl.; Camphor gr. xxx.; Oil of Anise fl. drm. ss.; Proof Spirit Oj. Prepared by maceration and expression). Tinctura CamphorAe Comp. (Ph. L.) (Paregoric Elixir). Fl drs. iv. contain gr. j. of Opium. Dose, fl. drm. ss. - fl. drs. iv.

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14. Trochisci Opii (Extract Of Opium Grs

lxxij.; Tincture of Tolu fl. oz. ss.; Refined Sugar oz. xvj.; Powdered Gum Arabic oz. ij.; Extract of Liquorice oz. vj.; Boiling Distilled Water q. s. To make 720 Lozenges;. Each lozenge contains gr. 1/10 of Extract of Opium.