In these cases the vapour of the strong solution, directed properly against the eye, is occasionally of great service. It should be applied in a proper vessel, sufficiently near the eye to cause a smarting of the organ, together with a degree of redness and a copious secretion of tears. It may be repeated every three or four hours. (Scarpa.)

198. Asthma

Rayer advises the application of Liq. Ammonias to the velum palati in cases of simple idiopathic Asthma. He dips a roll of lint, four inches long, into a mixture of 4 parts of the solution and 1 of water, presses out the superfluous fluid, and immediately applies it for a few seconds to the velum palati. This, at first, causes a feeling of suffocation with cough and much expectoration. This soon passes off, and great relief is experienced. It should be applied weak at first, and may be repeated if necessary. Great care is required not to apply the mixture to the back part of the pharynx, - such an application may prove serious or even fatal. ' M. Payer states that in 100 cases he has employed this treatment with success, and without any unpleasant consequences. It is, however, rarely employed.

* Med. Chir. Rev. vol. lviii. p. 467. On Diseases of Women, 8vo, 1840.