Ammonia, as a remedy for snake bites, was first introduced into France by Jussieu, in 1747, although it appears that Dr. Mead had employed it in England previous to that date. It is certainly a powerful nervine stimulant in these cases, and is more efficacious than Brandy or any other stimulant. It may be given internally, in doses of x. - xx., in water or wine, every half-hour or oftener, if the urgency of the symptoms require it. Externally, it should be rubbed into and about the bitten part. The patient should not be allowed to lie down or go to sleep; he should be kept moving about, and his fears allayed in every possible way. In Bites of Scorpions, Centipedes, Mosquitoes, and other venomous Insects, a Liniment composed of equal parts of Liq. AmmoniAe, 01. OlivAe, and T. Opii. well rubbed over the bitten part, affords great relief. A few drops of Liq. AmmoniAe in water may also be given internally.