The Egg of the Hen of Gallus Banckiva (var. domesticus). Phasianus Gallus, Linn. The Common Domestic Fowl.

Med. Prop. and Action. The shell of the Egg, composed chiefly of the carbonate and phosphate of lime, was formerly much used as an antacid and absorbent; and entered into the composition of Miss Stephens' nostrum for dissolving calculi. The white (Albumen Ovi) and the yolk ( Vitellus Ovi) (containing an albuminous principle named vitellin, oleine, margarine, choestel-rine, and salts of lime, iron, &c.),* are well known as light and nutritive articles of diet, particularly during convalescence. The yolk is much used in pharmacy, in making emulsions, &c. The white is useful in some cases of poisoning. Agitated with Alum, it forms an astringent poultice. (See Alcmen.)

* Med. Notes and Reflections, p. 431.

The Mistura Spiritus Vini Gallici (Ph. Lond) (vulgo Egg-flip) is composed of Brandy and Cinnamon Water, of each fiv.; the yolks of two Eggs; White Sugar ss.; Oil of Cinnamon eij . It is a useful stimulant and restorative in exhausted states of the system.

2023. Therapeutic Uses

In Poisoning by Corrosive Sublimate, the Salts of Copper and Zinc; by Creosote and Corrosive Poisons generally, the white of an Egg, from the quantity of albumen which it contains, is one of the best antidotes. The white of one Egg has been stated to be sufficient to counteract the effects of four grains of Corrosive Sublimate.

2024. In Poisoning by the Mineral Acids, the shells of finely powdered may be substituted for chalk, lime, &c, should these latter not be at hand.

2025. In HAemorrhage from Superficial Wounds, Leech-bites, &c, the local application of the white semi-opaque membrane which lines the shell is, in ordinary cases, sufficient to arrest the bleeding.