Wood Sorrel. Nat. Ord. Oxalida-ceae. Linn. Syst. Decandria Pentagynia. Hab. Europe.

Med. Prop. and Action. Refrigerant, anti-scorbutic, and diuretic. It allays inordinate thirst in febrile diseases, but has no advantage over other remedies of the same class. In moderate quantities it has no sensible effect on the system. Magendie states, that when large quantities are taken as food, the Oxalic Acid which exists in this plant in the form of Binoxalate of Potash, passes through the kidneys, and frequently gives rise to mulberry calculus. It is, therefore, contra-indicated when a predisposition to this form of calculus exists. The leaves, bruised and made into poultices, are said to be powerful suppurants. The Binoxalate of Potash is sold in tue shops as the Essential Salt of Lemons!

2029. Therapeutic Uses

In Fevers, "Wood Sorrel is strongly-advised as a drink by Bergius and other old writers. For this purpose, a pleasant beverage is made by boiling the herb in milk. As a refrigerant, it is useful, but beyond this its efficacy is doubtful.

2030. In Scurvy, It Has Long Been Held In High Esteem

It is extensively employed by the Greenlanders and Esquimaux; and of its efficacy when taken fresh in the form of salad, there is ample evidence.