Fel Bovinum Purificatum. Ox Gall. Fel Tauri. Fel Boats. The Bile of Bos Taurus.

Med. Prop. and Action. Peptic (?) and aperient. It has also been regarded as anthelmintic. Dr. Grant § states, that if. has been employed from time immemorial by the Brazilians and, in other countries, it appears to have been administered in a variety of diseases for many centuries. Cartheuser, Baglivi, and others state that it prevents milk from coagulating, and turning sour, and when added to coagulated milk it immediately dissolves it again. (See further, Dyspepsia.)

Dose of Purified Ox Bile, gr. v. - gr. xx., in pills or gelatinous capsules.

2032. Therapeutic Uses

In Dyspepsia and Constipation, it is advised by Dr. Clay, || of Manchester. "Its effect upon the system," he observes, "is not purgative, but it acts as a mere solvent of the material contained within the intestinal canal; producing no excitement to propel; but, by liquefying the mass, facilitates its excretion." It is also tonic, and in children moderately diuretic, but less so than in the adult. "It appears," he says, " to possess a peculiar specific action on all diseases connected with derangements of the digestive organs." He advises the following formula: -2032 Therapeutic Uses 164 Fellis Bov. 3ij., Ol. Carui ex., Magnes. Carb. q. s. ft. mas. et divid. in pil. xxxvj., cap. ij. bis in die. Several highly instructive cases of Dyspepsia and obstinate constipation are recorded, in which the remedy proved decidedly beneficial. In some instances, previous to taking the remedy, the evacuations were of a white, chalky character, but within a few hours of its administration they assumed a healthy and bilious character. Dr. Vanderpool,* of New York, relates a case of impaction of the faeces, attended with severe pain, which promptly yielded to Ox-gall, in doses of gr. viij. four times daily, and enemas containing the same. It is, however, a remedy which, notwithstanding the strong evidence in its favour, is but little employed. It certainly merits a further trial.

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2033. In Jaundice, It Has Been Successfully Employed By Mr

Peacock, and Dr. S. Johnson states that he has cured some obstinate cases by the exhibition of Ox-gall, in doses of gr. xv. - xxx. daily. In functional Disorders of the Liver, Dr. Copland,§ who first brought this remedy prominently forward in British practice, states that he has prescribed inspissated Ox-gall for many years with advantage, and advises its combination with Pil. Aloes c. Myrrh., Taraxacum, blue pill, soap, &c. In Mesenteric Affections, Tabes Mesenterica, &c, he || also speaks favourably of its employment, having administered it in numerous cases since 1818. He found it particularly useful, when the secretion of bile has been deficient, and the digestive mucous surface irritable and relaxed. Dr. Clay¶ observes, that in this class of diseases, Ox-gall produces a speedy and decided improvement; the tympanitic state of the belly becomes reduced, the appetite improved, and the motions assume a healthy and bilious character. In Diarrhoea with undigested matter in the stools, it has also been administered with advantage. Dr. Copland ** advises the following formula: -2033 In Jaundice It Has Been Successfully Employed 165 AssaftidAe, Fellis Tauri Inspis. aa, 3j., Pulv. Rhei j., Syrup, q. s., M. ft. pil. xl. It is well worthy of a further trial. In Hypochondriasis, attended with a torpid state of the large bowels, the following pills, advised by Dr. Copland. may prove useful: -Fellis Tauri Inspis., Pil. Galban. Co. (Ph, L.) aa 3ss., Ext. Aloes Pur. j.,

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Saponis Dur. gr. x., Pulv. Ipecac, gr. viij., M. ft. pil. xxx. Dose, one or two daily, before dinner.