M. Ducros* and other French physicians have found that Liq. Ammonia?, applied with a camel's-hair brush to the palate and gums, so as to cause a profuse discharge of tears and saliva, rapidly cured some obstinate cases of Tic Douloureux. It was also found productive of great benefit in the same cases, if given internally. The best mode of administering it is to mix from gutt. xx. - xl. in a cupful of thick gruel, taking care that they are thoroughly incorporated: this should be taken at bedtime. It should be sufficiently strong to produce a profuse discharge of saliva and tears. Applied externally, as a counter-irritant (sect. 195), it often affords striking relief.

205. Chronic Hoarseness, Dryness of the Throat from deficiency of secretion, and Chronic Asthma. In these cases, Mr. Smee advises the inhalation of the vapour of diluted Liq. AmmoniAe, in order to promote the secretion of a watery vapour from the mouth, fauces, trachea, and bronchi.

206. In Ringworm, Mr

E. Wilson % states that the remedy which he has found most useful is the Linimentum AmmoniAe, accommodating the proportion of alkali to the amount of stimulation which it is desired to effect.

207. In Baldness, Alopecia, Mr

E. Wilson § states that, for several years, he has used the following stimulating wash, and that it is the best with which he is acquainted: -207 In Baldness Alopecia Mr 25 01. Amygd. Dul., Liq. Ammonise, aa fj., Spt. Rosmarini, Aq. Mellis, aa fiij., M. ft. lotio.

208. In Asphyxia, ammoniacal vapour, used weak at first, has, in some cases, proved effectual in restoring animation.