Phloridzin, or Phlorydzine. (C42H24O20, 4 HO.) A neutral, bitter, crystallizable principle which exists in the bark of the trunk and root of Apple, Pear, Cherry, and Plum trees. Discovered by M. De Koninck in 1835. Very sparingly soluble in water, readily so in alcohol, and in solutions of the alkalies, especially Ammonia.

Med. Prop. and Action. Tonic and anti-periodic. It may be given in pill or in solution, with aromatic Spirits of Ammonia. Dose, gr. v. - gr. x. - gr. xv. three or four times a day.

2059. Therapeutic Uses

In Intermittents, it has been successfully employed by MM. De Koninck,§ Van Mons,|| Mathysen.¶ and Lebaudy,** all of whom bore more or less strong testimony in favour of its anti-periodic powers. It appears, however, to have fallen into disuse, probably from the report of M. Leonhard. who pronounced it destitute of any febrifuge virtue. Attention has again recently been called to it by Dr. De Ricci, who recommends a trial of it in every adult case where Quinine is not easily tolerated, and also in every case where young children require a tonic treatment, either in consequence of Constitutional Debility, or from the debilitating effects of some previous illness. It is, he remarks, much more easily taken than either Bark, Quinine, or Salicine, the bitter being of an agreeable kind, and changing into a sweetish taste with the flavour of apple. Even in large doses, he states that he has never known it to disagree, and that he has found it of great use when other tonics could not be taken. He found it most effectual in the Atonic Dyspepsia of delicate females, and well adapted for young children when recovering from Hooping-cough, Fever, &c. The force of his statements is much weakened by the fact, that in these latter cases, at least, he combined it with the syrup of the Phosphate of Iron and Manganese and with syrup of Iodide of Iron. He prescribes gr. v. three or four times a day for adults, and proportionably smaller doses for children.

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