The Unripe Fruit of Piper Longum or Chavica Roxburghii. Long Pepper. Nat. Ord. Piper-aceae. Linn. Syst. Diandria Trigynia. Hab. The East Indies and some other tropical countries.

Med. Prop. and Action. Similar to Piper Nigrum, but much more acrid. Dose, gr. v. - gr. xx.

Therapeutic Uses. Similar to those of Piper Nigrum.

2077. In Beriberi, The Following Formula Was Found Useful By The Late Dr

Herklots, of the Madras Service: -2077 In Beriberi The Following Formula Was Found U 168 Piper. Long. iv., Piper. Nig., Rad. Zingib. aa ss., Arracci fxx.; digest for seven days and strain. Dose, f3j., twice or thrice daily. This, in combination with Guaiacum internally, and stimulating frictions, he found to remove the symptoms in some mild cases; but, in general, the disease requires far more active treatment. It is a famous Mussulman nostrum.