Phosphate of Ammonia. A combination of 3 eq. of Oxide of Ammonium with 1 eq. of Tri-basic Phosphoric Acid. 3NH4O, PO5 + 5HO.

Med. Prop. and Action. This salt has been recommended as an excitant, diaphoretic, and discutient; also, as a solvent for Uric Acid calculus, and as a remedy for diseases, acute and chronic, connected directly with the uric acid diathesis. (Dunglison.)

Dose, gr. v. - gr. xx. thrice daily.

211. Therapeutic Uses

Gout and Rheumatism. Dr. Buckler,* of Baltimore (U.S.), has published four cases of these diseases, in which the Phosphate of Ammonia, in doses of 3j. daily, largely diluted, proved successful. The theory of its action is that it decomposes the insoluble Urate of Soda, which is the basis of gouty deposits, and converts it into Phosphate of Soda and Urate of Ammonia, both soluble salts, which may be ready eliminated by the secretions. Dr. Garrod has observed much good from its long continued employment in chronic conditions of the gouty habit.

AmmoniAe Sesquicarbonas. (See AmmoniAe Carbonas )