Gigartina Lichenoides. Fucus Amy-laceus. Ceylon Moss. Nat. Ord. AlgAe. Source, Ceylon and the Eastern Archipelago.

Med. Prop. and Action. Demulcent and nutritive, containing about 54 per cent. of vegetable mucilage or jelly. "The decoction and jelly are good forma for its administration. O'shaughnessy, who introduced its use, directs the Moss to be first soaked for some hours in cold rain-water, then dried in the sun, and ground to a fine powder. Of this 3ij. - ss. is to be boiled in Oj. of water, strained, and flavoured with lemon-juice and sugar. The proportions for the jelly are ss. of the powdered Moss and Oij. of Water; to be boiled tor half an hour, or until, on cooling, it forms a gelatinous mass; flavour to the taste.

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Therapeutic Uses. Similar to those of Chondrus Crispus. It proves particularly serviceable in convalescence after fevers and debilitating diseases.