Aromatic Spirit of Ammonia. Spirit of Sal Volatile. Prep. Carbonate of Ammonia oz. viij., strong Sol. of Ammonia fl. oz. iv., Volatile Oil of Nutmegs fl. drs. iv., Oil of Lemon fl. drs. vj., Rect. Sp. Ovj., Water Oiij. Mix and distil seven pints. Sp. Gr. 0.870.

Med Prop. and Action. Stimulant. On account of its pleasant smell and taste, it is generally preferred to Liq. Ammonias, to which, though much weaker, it bears a close resemblance in medicinal properties.

Dose. xx. - fl. drm. j. in water.

Offic. Prep. 1. Tr. Guiaci Ammoniata. (See Guiacum.) 2. Tr. Valerianae Ammoniata. (See Valeriana Officinalis.)

* Med. Times, vol. xv. 1847

213. Therapeutic Uses

Similar to those of Liq. AmmoniAe. In languor, syncope, hysteria, and nervous debility, it proves very serviceable. In the flatulent colic of children (gutt. ij. - v. in milk), it affords more speedy relief than any other remedy. In Heartburn and acidity of the prim via, it also proves speedily effectual.