Carbonate of Lead. 2 (PbO, CO..)

+ HO, PbO.

Med. Prop. and Action. A poisonous salt, very seldom exhibited internally. Externally applied, it is a local sedative and astringent. It is sometimes mixed with starch, and dusted on the surface, in the Excoriations of Children and fat persons, or used in the form of ointment to excoriattd Surfaces, Burns, and Ulcers; but its absorption produces poisonous effects, and there are many more safe and equally efficacious remedies. Dr. A. T. Thompson considers that it is the only salt of Lead which causes colic; and although this opinion may be disputed, there is no doubt that it is more liable to produce poisonous effects than the Acetate. It has been proposed as a remedy in Phthisis by Dr. Beau.¶ He advises it in small doses till signs of lead poisoning begin to show themselves.

Offlc. Prep. Unguentum Plumbi Carbonatis (Carbonate of Lead in fine powder grs. lxiv.; Simple Ointment oz. j.).