The Iodide of Lead. Pbl. A compound of Lead 45.21, Iodine 54.78, in 100 parts; or 1 Eq. Lead =104 + 1 Iodine = 126 = 230, Eq. Wt.

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Med. Prop. and Action. Deobstruent and alterative. Externally, it may be applied in the form of ointment.

Offic. Prep. Unguentum Plumbi Iodidi (Pharm. Lond.) (Iodide of Lead j.; Lard viij. Hub them together). Doge of Iodide of Lead, gr. 1/4 - gr. ij.

2131. Therapeutic Uses

In Scrofulous Enlargement of the Glands, MM. Cottereau and De Lisle, who introduced the use of this remedy, in 1831, state that it is the most efficacious of all the salts of Iodine; that it promises the most prompt and certain action; and that it is, moreover, free from the inconvenience of creating cutaneous inflammation. Velpeau employed this salt in three cases with unequivocal benefit. It should be used externally and internally. Occasionally it produces gastric irritation. *

2132. In Scirrhus Of The Mamma, Lisfranc States, That The Iodide Of Lead Ointment (3j

- Adipis 3j.) has, in his practice, been employed with decided advantage.

2133. In Chronic Enlargement and other Affections of the Spleen, it has proved highly useful. Sir Ranald Martin states, that he has derived great benefit from its internal use, and that with it he cured the largest spleen he ever saw in Bengal. He advises the following formula: -2132 In Scirrhus Of The Mamma Lisfranc States That 176 Plumb. Iod. 3ss., Conf. Ros. q. s. ft. pil. cxliv. Of these, one is to be given night and morning, increasing their number gradually.

2134. In The Advanced Stages Of Porrigo Or Tinea Capitis, Dr

Neligan§; advises the Iodide of Lead ointment (3j. - Adipis 3j.) as a local application. Internally, he prescribes, at the same time, the Iodide of Arsenic. (See that article.)