Litharge. PbO. Plumbi Oxidum. Oxide of Lead.

Plumbi Oxidum Rubrum. Red Lead. Pb3O4. Minium.

Plumbi Oxidum Hydratum. Hydrated Oxide of Lead. 3 (PbO) HO.

These preparations are of little value as therapeutic agents. They are never administered internally, but enter into the composition of several ointments and plasters. Even externally applied, they are not free from danger.

Offic. Prep. of Litharge: - Emplastrum Lithargyri; Emplastrum Plumbi (Pharm. Lond.) (Litharge in very fine powder lb. iv.; Olive Oil Cj.; Water Oiiiss. Boil the ingredients together gently for four or five hours, stirring constantly until the Oil and Litharge acquire a proper consistency for a plaster, adding more Water if necessary).

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