Nitrate of Lead. PbO, NO5. A compound of Oxide of Lead 6747, and Nitric Acid 32.53, in 100 parts; or 1 Eq. of Oxide of Lead = 112, + 1 Nitric Acid = 54 = 166, Eq. Wt.

Med. Prop. and Action. Astringent. Externally, it is used as an astringent lotion (gr. x. - gr. lx. ad Aq. fl. oz. j.). It is chiefly valuable as a disinfectant. A solution (gr. lx. ad Aq. fl. oz. j.) is said entirely to destroy the effluvium of decaying animal and vegetable substances. This is Ledoyen's Disinfecting Fluid. It is also said to be antiseptic.

Dose, gr. 1/4 - gr. j. in the form of pill, twice or thrice daily.

2137. Therapeutic Uses

In Active HAemorrhage from the Lungs, Dr. Pereira* states, that he has sometimes prescribed a pill composed of Sugar of Lead and Opium, and a mixture containing Nitric Acid. Nitrate of Lead would thus be formed in the stomach. With this combination, he succeeded in getting the system under the influence of Lead in a much shorter time than by the use of Sugar of Lead alone.

2138. To Sore And Fissured Nipples, Chapped Hands And Lips, A Solution (Gr

x. - Aq. fl. oz. j.) is stated to be very efficacious. 2139. Plumbi Saccharas. Saccharate of Lead: has been proposed by Dr. E. Hoskins,t as a solvent for Calculus in the Bladder. He dissolves a portion of powdered Saccharate of Lead in dilute Nitric Acid (1 part of Acid to 19 of Water). This, when evaporated, yields the Nitro-saccha-rate of Lead. One grain of this salt, with gutt. v. of pure Saccharic or Acetic Acid, is dissolved in fl. oz. j. of Water. From fl. oz. iv. to fl. oz. viij. of this solution are thrown by a double flexible catheter into the bladder, and renewed every ten or fifteen minutes. Thus applied, it acts, he says, as a powerful solvent oiphosphatic calculi. It causes no pain or irritation.