Dieffenbach** states that flat nAevi, up to the size of an inch in diameter, may be removed by the following process: - A piece of lint steeped in pure Liq. Plumbi is to be fastened over the part by a bandage, and is to be kept constantly wetted with fresh solution, without frequent removals. The application requires patience and perseverance. Cases successfully treated in this manner are related by Dr. Sigmund.*

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2147. In Mercurial Salivation, a weak solution of the Acetate is advised as a gargle or wash, by Somme, and others. The mouth should be washed out after each application, as it is apt to blacken the teeth.

2148. In Syphilitic Sore Throat, when the ulcers assume a phagedenic character, the following gargle, recommended by Mr. Bacot, proves serviceable; -2146 Naevus Maternus 177 Plumb. Acet. j., Aq. Dest. Oss., M. ft. gargar.

2149. In Pruritis Pudendi, the following is a very soothing application; -2146 Naevus Maternus 178 Liq. Plumb. Subacet. fl. drm. j., T. Hyos. fl. drs. ij., Mist. Camph. fl. oz. viij. It should be applied tepid. Rest and strict antiphlogistic regimen should be enforced. It proves useful in other forms of Pruritus. To painful Piles, Dr. Graves advises the following lotion; - Liq. Plumb. Diacet. Dil. f vj., Spt. Rosmar., T. Opii aa f j., M. To be applied five or six times daily.

2150. Many Skin Diseases, particularly Porrigo Larvalis, and Porrigo Furfurans, are much benefited by the local application of an ointment composed of fl. drm. j. of Liq. Plumb, ad Ung. oz. j. It should be spread on lint, and the whole covered with an emollient poultice.

2151. To Chilblains,

Mr. S. Cooper§ advised the following application: -2151 To Chilblains 180 Liq. Plumb. Diacet. f j Spt. Vin. Rect. f ij., M.

2152. To inflamed and erysipelatous Surfaces, Ecthyyna, Paronychia, inflamed Glands, painful Bruises, Sprains, &c, the diluted solution (ut supra), kept constantly applied to the parts, is a soothing application. To indolent and ill-conditioned Ulcers, it may also be applied with advantage. To Chapped Hands and Lips, it proves very serviceable.