Officinal Bistort, or Snake-weed. Nat. Ord. Polygonaceae. Linn. Syst. Octandria Trigynia. Hab. England.

Med. Prop. Astringent. It is best given in the form of decoction (oz. ij. of the root, Water Oiss ), in doses of fl. oz. iss. - fi. oz. ij. Its astringency is due to the presence of Tannic Acid.

Dose of Powdered Root, gr. xx. - gr. xxx.

2162. Therapeutic Uses

Bistort root was formerly held in high esteem in Passive HAemorrhages, Chronic Diarrhoea, Gleet, LeucorrhAea, as a gargle in ulcerated or relaxed Sore Throat, and as a lotion to Ulcers attended with profuse discharge. It is now rarely employed, but it may doubtless be used with advantage in many cases where astringents are indicated. In conjunction with Acorus Calamus, it has been given in Intermittents.