Mr. Wardrop re-introduced the ancient practice of destroying superficial nAevi by the application of Potassa Fusa. An eschar forms, and after the ulcer heals, a cicatrix remains in the place of the nAevus: the benefit of the exchange is doubtful. Mere thickenings and discolorations of the rete mucosum were cured by Bateman, by applying constantly a mixture of Spirit and Liq. PotassAe. A more successful mode of treatment is that advised by Dr. Darley,§ viz. to pass threads steeped in a solution of Sulphate of Copper or some other caustic solution, through the tumour. He states that it is both safe and efficacious. To Medullary Tumours, M. Lallemand|| advises Caustic Potash to be kept in contact with the surface, by means of adhesive plaster.