Mr. "Whately. in 1804, proposed substituting Potassa Fusa for Argent. Nit. in arming bougies to be applied to strictures of the urethra; but the practice fell into disuse till in 1851 Mr. Wade warmly advocated its use. The cases in which he advises it are, - 1, Strictures having a cartilaginous hardness, and impervious to instruments; 2, Strictures of long standing, which, although admitting the passage of a small bougie, bleed more or less freely on its introduction; 3, Irritable Strictures. He considers that the principal superiority of this caustic over Argent. Nit. in the treatment of stricture, consists in its more powerful effect in moving hard strictures, and that with perfect safety, and comparatively with but little pain. §