Sulphurated Potash. Potassii Sulphuretum. Sulphuret of Potassium. Tersulphuret of Potassium, KS3, with Sulphate of Potash. Called also Hepar Sulphuris, Liver of Sulphur. Prep. Rub together Sulphur, oz. ivss., Potas. Carb. oz. x.: heat them in a covered crucible until they have united.

Med. Prop. and Action. Stimulant, diaphoretic, and expectorant, it increases the force and frequency of the pulse, and the action of various secreting organs. It requires to be commenced in small doses, and cautiously increased. Its chief use is as an external application, in solution (drm. j. - ij., ad Aq. O.j.), or in the form of ointment (drm. ss. - j. ad Ung. oz. j.). Its action is diminished by keeping. The sulphurous bath is prepared by dissolving oz. iv. of Sulphurated Potash in thirty gallons of water.

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Dose, gr. iij. - gr. x.

Incompatibles. Mineral and vegetable acids, and the salts of most metals.

2173. Therapeutic Uses

In Dyspepsia, when the mucous follicles are supposed to be implicated, much benefit will be derived from the exhibition of this salt, in doses of gr. x., either alone or combined with some aromatic. Dr. Todd * considers that it possesses a specific action upon the mucous follicles.

2174. In Albuminuria, It Is Of Importance To Establish Free Diaphoresis

For this purpose, Dr. Osborne advises the following formula; -2174 In Albuminuria It Is Of Importance To Establi 181 T. Guaiaci Am. f3ss., Potass. Sulphuret. gr. v., Liq. Ammon. Acet. fss., M.; to be taken at bed-time, followed by a pint of hot whey. In Chronic Rheumatism, it is occasionally prescribed as a stimulant diaphoretic.

2175. In Scabies, The Sulphurated Potash Is An Efficacious Remedy

The following mode of application, adopted by Alibert, Dupuytren, &c, has met with great success. In one bottle is placed a solution of the Sulphuret (j. ad Aq. Oij.); in another bottle is placed fij. of dilute Sulphuric Acid. At the time of the application, the patient places a glassful of each in a basin of hot water, and washes the parts affected for half an hour, morning and evening. It has not a very strong odour, and does not stain the linen, - two great advantages. The famous Liniment of Jadelot is composed thus: - ℞ Potas. Sulphuret. ij., Sapon. Alb. lbj., 01. Papav. lbij., Ol. Thymi 3j., M. ft. unguent, bis die applicand. Valentin's Liniment is equally efficacious, and less irritating: -2175 In Scabies The Sulphurated Potash Is An Effic 182 Pot. Sulphuret. 3j., 01. Amygd. j., Camphor j., M. By the use of these a complete cure is effected under fourteen days.

2176. In Acne Simplex, Dr

Todd§; advises the local application of a solution (Potas. Sulphuret. 3j., Aq. Oj.) twice a day; or what is more effectual, a sulphuretted bath (iv. ad Aq. Occ). In Ringworm, a lotion, composed of Potas. Sulph. gr. lx. - cxx., Aq. Calcis lbj., has been found very successful. In Sycosis or Men-tagra, Duparc advises that the pustules should be painted, night and morning, with a concentrated solution of the Sulphuret of Potash. It is said to be efficacious. It has also been successfully used as a lotion in Tinea Capitis, Eczema, Lepra, &c.

2177. In Lead Poisoning, the sulphurous bath is one of the most effectual remedies we possess. (See Sulphur.)

2178. In Croup, The Sulphurated Potash Has Been Recommended By Drs

Serf, Chaussier, Mercier, and Hecker, in doses of about four grains every three or four hours. It may be combined with Camphor, or small doses of Ipecacuanha. (Dr. Copland.*) It is occasionally useful as a stimulant expectorant in Chronic Bronchitis.

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