Bichromate of Potash. KO, 2 CrO3. A compound of 1 Eq. Potash = 47 + 2 Eq. Chromic Acid = 100 = 147, Eq. Wt

Med. Prop. and Action. Alterative and anti-syphilitic in very small doses. In large doses it is a powerful narcotico-irritant poison. Three cases of poisoning by it are recorded by Prof. Taylor. When solutions of the chrc-mate and bichromate are brought much in contact with the skin, they cause sores which it is difficult to heal. The solutions have powerful antiseptic properties.

Dose, gr. 1/10-1/6 in pill.

2186. Therapeutic Uses

The Bichromate has been recommended as a remedy in Syphilitic Iritis and Secondary Syphilis generally by M. Desmarres and Dr. Wolfe.§ In a case of Syphilitic Iritis the latter prescribed as follows: - Bichromate of Potash gr. xvj., Powdered Opium gr. xij., Syrup q. s., to make 100 pills: one morning and evening, to be gradually increased until six are taken daily. The patient recovered in a few days. Dr. Wolfe has administered it with marked success in upwards of twenty cases.

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