Dr. Marshall Hall observes, that both mental emotion and gastric irritation are apt to induce excessive secretion of Hydrochloric Acid in the stomach, which is of itself a frequent cause of the supervention of an attack. This is effectually removed by an antacid, and the Carbonate, or Bicarbonate of Potash, in doses of j. - 3ss., is the one he chiefly recommends.

2192. In Scurvy, It Has Been Found Highly Serviceable

(See PotassAe Nitras.) In Buzzing in the Ears, &c, produced by accumulations of hardened wax in the Ear, M. Triquet recommends the ears to be syringed with a solution of PotassAe Carb. (grs. iij. - xx. ad Aq. fj), the ears being stopped at night with cotton, in order that a portion of the liquid may be retained.