Permanganate of Potash. KO, Mn3O7. A compound of Potash and Permanganic Acid occurs in the form of dark purple, slender, prismatic crystals of a sweet astringent taste.

Med. Prop. and Action. Alterative (?) in doses of gr. j. - iv. thrice daily in solution. Given internally, it has been supposed to possess the power of oxidating the blood. Externally applied, it acts as a caustic and deodorizer. It is a most valuable antiseptic agent, from the fact that it readily parts with Oxygen to any organic matter with which it is brought in contact.

Offie. Prep. Liquor PotassAe Permanganatis (Permanganate of Potash grs. iv.; Distilled Water fl. oz. j.). This solution has half the strength of Condy's Disinfecting Fluid. (Squire.§) For external application, fl. drm. j. of the solution is to be added to from 5 to 10 fl. oz. of Water.

Dose of the Permanganate, gr. j. - iv.

2241. Therapeutic Uses

In Diabetes, it was introduced by Mr. Sampson || as a remedy on theoretical grounds. He considered that the Oxygen given off by it, when introduced into the stomach, would assist the imperfect action of the digestive and assimilative functions. In two cases, however, in which it was tried by Dr. Basham.¶ it was productive of little benefit. He found that during its administration the amount of sugar excreted gradually increased, though the quantity of urine was diminished and the thirst alleviated. No inconvenience attended its use in even ten-grain doses; indeed it seemed of benefit in relieving the gastric symptoms. It failed also in the hands of Dr. Bence Jones.*

* Dispensatory.

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2242. As an application to Cancerous and Ill-conditioned Ulcers, it has been favourably reported of by Mr. Weedon Cooke, Dr. Girdwood, and others. In these cases it acts in the double capacity of caustic and deodorizer. It acts with less pain than most escharotic8. For this purpose it may be sprinkled over the ulcerated surface by means of a pepper-box. As a simple deodorizer, the Liq. PotassAe Permanganatis diluted as above may be used. In Foetid Discharges from mucous surfaces, a weak solution of the Permanganate forms an excellent injection. It may also be used as a gargle in ill-conditioned Ulceration of the Tonsils and Throat.