Tartrate of Potash. 2 KO, C8H4O,0. Tartarized Tartar. A compound of Potash 41.593, and Tartaric Acid 58.407, in 100 parts.

Med. Prop. and Therap. Uses. In doses of gr. cxx. - oz. ss., it is purgative, producing watery evacuations; in smaller doses (gr. lx. - gr. cxx.), diuretic. " It acts," observes Dr. Thompson, " on the whole intestinal canal, operates rapidly without much griping, is mild and efficient, and lessens the griping quality of Senna and Scammony." When taken internally, it is absorbed into the circulation, and has been detected in the urine, in the form of a carbonate. It is chiefly used as a mild purgative in dyspeptic and hepatic affection*, attended with some slight increased or febrile action, and as a certain means of rendering acid urine alkaline. (See PotassAe Citras.)

Incompatibles. Acids; Acidulous Salts; Tamarinds, and other subacid fruits; Lime-water; Chloride of Calcium; Magnesia; Nitrate of Silver; Acetate and Diacetate of Lead.