Cyanide or Cyanuret of Potassium. KCy. (Off. Ph. U.S.)

Med. Prop. and Action. It is regarded as a direct sedative, but from its powerfully poisonous action, which is not inferior to that of Prussic Acid, its use requires the greatest caution. Externally, it is prescribed in the form of ointment (gr. ij. - v. ad Adipisoz. j.), or in solution (gr. j. - iv. ad Aq. fl. or j.) It has been proposed as a substitute for Hydrocyanic Acid.

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Dose, said to be from gr. 1/8 - 1/4, but it should not be given internally, as all its effects can be produced by the medicinal Prussic Acid. Different speci-mens of the Cyanide of Potassium vary considerably in purity, and consequently in strength.

2266. Therapeutic Uses

In Neuralgic Affections, its external application is highly spoken of by Buttigny, Roubiquet, Vil-laumy, Bally, and Lombard, of Geneva. It was employed of the strength given above. It was found inefficient in Sciatica, and in Neuralgic Affections complicated with inflammation. The few experiments made with this remedy in England have not prepossessed practitioners with any very strong opinion of its efficacy. (Dr. Theo. Thompson.*) In Rheumatic Muscular Affections of the Head, M. Valliex found great benefit from its external application.

2267. In Pruritus Pudendi, Vel Scroti, When The Itching Is Violent, Dr

Schedel found that the Cyanide ointment, with the addition of a few grains of Pulv. Opii, occasionally afforded great relief. To allay irritation in Eczema, the following ointment is recommended by Dr. T. McCall Anderson:§ -2267 In Pruritus Pudendi Vel Scroti When The Itchi 190 Potassii Cyanidi gr. vj.; Cerati Galeni (Paris Codex) j.; Cochinillini gr. j., M. A little to be rubbed firmly over the parts that are itching, but none of the ointment to be allowed to remain undissolved on the skin.