A peculiar volatile alkali obtainable from several sources, but prepared for medicinal use from herring brine. It is a colourless, transparent liquid, with a strong ammoniacal odour, soluble in water, and presents even in a weak solution a strong alkaline reaction. It combines with acids, and forms crystallizable salts. Chem. Form. C6H9N.

Med. Prop. and Action. This substance has been introduced by Dr. Awen-arius,|| of St. Petersburg, as a remedy of great value in the treatment of Rheumatism. He states that in the space of two years, 1854 - 1856, he treated successfully with it more than 250 patients suffering from Acute and Chronic Rheumatism. According to his experience, the fever and pain, in every case, disappeared the day after the administration of this remedy. He administered it in the following manner: - Propylamine gutt. xx.; Distilled Water f vj.; Oleo-Saccharum of Peppermint 3ij., M. Of this a teaspoonful was given every hour.