Starch. FAecula of the Seeds of Triticum Vulgare. Common Wheat. Nat. Ord. Gramineae. Linn. Syst. Triandria Digynia.

Med. Prop. and Action. 1, an antidote in poisoning by Iodine; 2, a test for the presence of Iodine in the secretions: 3, in the form of powder, a cooling application in Erysipelas; 4, an absorbent powder in excoriations; 5, in the form of decoction or infusion, an emollient enema in dysentery, &c.; 6, to thicken bandages in fractures and diseases of the joints; 7, as a means of preventing Pitting in Small-pox, Dr. Belcher* mentions having used a thick mucilage of Starch as a local application, with excellent effect. The entire surface of the body was first sponged with tepid water. It is applicable also to various forms of Acute Skin Diseases.

Offic. Prep. 1. Mucilago. (Starch grs. cxx., distilled water fl. oz. x. Triturate and boil for a few minutes.) 2. Pulv. TragacanthAe comp. (See Tragacantha.)