The dried Bark of the small branches and young stems of Quercus Pedunculata. The Common Oak. Nat. Ord. CupuliferAe. Linn. Syst. Monoecia Poly-andria. Source, England.

Med. Prop. and Action. Astringent. It is best given in decoction. It has been regarded as anti-periodic, and its astringency depends upon the presence of Tannic and Gallic Acids. It is principally used as an external application, injection, &c.

Offic. Prep. Decoctum Quercus (Bruised Oak Bark oz. iss.; Distilled Water Oiss. Boil for ten minutes, and strain). Dose, fl. oz. j. - fl. oz. ij.

Dose of powdered Oak Bark, gr. xxx. - gr. lx.

2311. Therapeutic Uses

In Chronic Diarrhoea, the decoction (ut supra) proves occasionally useful, and it has been advised in the advanced stages of Dysentery. Acorns, roasted and powdered, have also been employed.

2312. In Atonic Menorrhagia And Leucorrha, The Decoction, With Or Without Alum (Gr

lx. ad Decoct. Oj.), is a safe and efficacious injection. Drs. Ballard and Garrod state that they know of few remedies more useful in Leucorrha.

2313. In Cancer Of The Uterus, Dr

Ashwell advises the following injection: -2313 In Cancer Of The Uterus Dr 195 Infus. Quercus fiv., Pulv. Gallae 3ss., T. Catechu f3ij., M. He found it a useful palliative.

2314. In Prolapsus Uteri vel Recti, and in Piles, the decoction of Oak Bark forms a useful astringent local application.

2315. In Relaxation of the Uvula, Tonsils, &c., the decoction may be advantageously used as a gargle.

2316. In Intermittens, Cullen§; advises its use. He states that, given by itself, or conjoined with Chamomile flowers, he has found it prevent the return of the paroxysm. Dr. Eberle|| employed baths of the decoction in the intermittents of young children. It is a remedy of minor value.

2317. In Malignant Coryza (Snuffles) of Children, the internal use of the decoction of Oak Bark is advised by Underwood.

2318. In Gangrene, and to indolent and ill-conditioned Ulcers, poultices of the powdered Bark have been applied with advantage. Bigelow advises the decoction as an astringent wash.

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