Numerous cases, occurring both, in adults and children, cured by Rhatany injections, are reported by Trousseau,* Bretonneau, and others. The intestines must first be cleared out with a simple injection of mucilage. After the lapse of half an hour, an injection, composed of 38 oz. of Water, 3j. - 3iiss. of Extract of Rhatany, and fv. of Alcohol, is administered. This is to be repeated in the evening. When the pain is moderated, only one glyster is to be given daily; and when the cure appears to be completed, every alternate day for a fortnight longer. Trousseau also advises an ointment of one or two parts of the Extract, to five of Lard. The testimony in favour of this treatment is very strong. Injections of a diluted tincture of Rhatany (1 to 16 of water) were found effectual by Dr. Rotte, but they do not appear to have any special advantages.

2361. In spongy and bleeding Gums, the powder has been employed as a dentifrice; the Tincture is also a good application. The infusion forms a useful gargle in some forms of Relaxed Sore Throat.