Linn. Syst. Icosandria Polygynia. Indigenous. The Ripe Fruit (Hips), deprived of the hairy seeds (achenes), (offic.).

b. Rosa Centifolia. Cabbage Rose. The Fresh Petals, fully expanded, (offic.).

e. Rosa Gallica. Red or French Rose. The unexpanded Petals, fresh and dried, (offic).

Med. Prop. and Action. These plants (Ord. Roaace) are of little value as therapeutic agents. The pulp of the fruit of R. Canina is employed in making a confection, which is useful as a vehicle for other medicines. The petals of R. Centifolia are valuable as the source of a distilled water (Aqua RoaAe). and a volatile oil, commonly called Attar of Roses. The petals of Rosa Gallica are exhibited in the form of compound infusion, which is a good vehicle Quinine, the saline purgatives, &c. They also enter into the composition of a confection, into Mel RosAe (Ph.L.) (which is a good application to the aphthae of children), and into a syrup. None of these preparations possess any sensible properties, beyond a slight degree of astringency, which arises from the presence of a small portion or Tannic or Gallic Acid.

Offic. Prep. Of Rosa Canina: Confoctio RosAe CaninAe (Hips deprived of their seeds lb. j.; Refined Sugar lbs. ii. Beat the Hips to a pulp, add the Sugar, and incorporate). Used as a pill basis, and In the form of linctus. Dose, gr. lx., or more Of Rosa Centifolia: Aqua RoaAe (Fresh Petals of the Hundred-leaved Row lbs. x.; Water Cij.; Distil Cj.). Used as a vehicle, in lotions, Ac.

Of Rosa Gallica: 1. Confoctio Rosas GallicAe (Fresh Red Rose Petals lb j; Refined Sugar lbs. iij. Beat the Petals to a pulp, add the Sugar, and incorporate). Used in making pills,, &c. Dose, gr. lx., or more.

2. Infusum Rosae Acidum (Red Rose Petals Oz

1/4; Dilute. Sulphuric Acid fl. drm. j.; Boiling Distilled Water fl ox x. Infuse for one hour, and strain). Dose, fl. ox j. - fl. ox. ij.

3. Syrupus Rosae Gallicae (Dried Red Rose Petals Ox Ij

; Refined Sugar ox xxx.; Boiling Distilled Water Oj. Infuse the Petals in the Wat.

two hours. Dissolve the Sugar in the liquor by heat. The product should weigh 2 lbs. 14 ox, and have sp. gr. 1.335). Dose, fl. drm. 1, or more.

Mel. RosAe (Ph. L.) (Dried Red Rose Petals iv.; Boiling Distilled Water f xxiv.; Honey lbs. v. Prepared by macerating the Petals in the Water, and adding the Honey to the liquor, then evaporating in a water-bath to a proper consistence). Dose, 3j., or more.

Mr. Squire recommends an Infusion of Roses with Nitric Acid as a vehicle for Quinine, on the ground that the mixture is more bright and attractive than if made with the ordinary Acid Infusion. (For the formula, see Quinia.)