Nat. Ord. Rubiaceae. Linn. Syst. Tetrandria Monogynia. Hab. Great Britain, &c.

Med. Prop. and Action. The root(off.)is tonic; it is also regarded as emme-nagogue. When taken internally, the colouring matter is absorbed into the system, and communicates a red colour to the urine, milk, and bones.

Dose of powdered root, gr. xxx. - gr. cxx. every three or four hours.

2388. Therapeutic Uses

In Amenorrha, it has been used with advantage. Dr. Home. of Edinburgh, found it successful in fourteen cases out of nineteen in which he employed it, in doses of 3ss. of the powdered root, two or three times a day. He generally fonnd that it restored the discharge about the twelfth day after commencing its use. Dr. D. Davis also states, that on several occasions he has seen excellent effects from its use; and Dr. Dewees § adds his testimony to its efficacy. He considers that, from its possessing no general stimulating property, it becomes very valuable, in cases of great irritability of the system, or where there may be slight febrile paroxysms. He adds that he has been in the habit of using it near the period at which the menses should appear, and that sometimes it succeeds most promptly; indeed, this is the only time at which it seems to Dr. Dewees to be successful; for if it then fails, he continues, it is rarely more fortunate afterwards. He advises a decoction (j., Boiling Water Oj., Cloves j.) to be gently simmered over the fire for fifteen minutes, to be strained, and given in doses of fiss. every three hours.