Cevadilla. The dried fruit of AsagrAea Officinalis. Nat. Ord. Melanthaceae. Linn. Syst. Hexandria Trigynia. Source, South America. Imported from Vera Cruz and Mexico.

Med. Prop. and Action. Powerfully acrid and poisonous, in consequence of the pretence of Veratria, which, in the Cevadilla fruit, appears to be combined with Gallic Acid. Cevadilla also contains another principle, Sabadillina, which differs from Veratria in being insoluble in ether, and, according Dr. Turnbull, is inferior to it in activity * Cevadilla is rarely employed, on account of its activity and uncertainty. It is used in Germany as a means of destroying lice; hence the common name, lice-seeds. But, even applied externally, it is not free from danger. 1ts effects are very similar to those of Veratria.

Offic. Prep. Veratria. (See Veratria.)

Dose of the dried fruit in powder, gr. ij. - gr. viij.; of the Alcoholic Extract, obtained by evaporating a saturated tincture, gr. i, gradually increased.

2398. Therapeutic Uses

Against Tnia, or Tape-worm, Schmucker speaks of Sabadilla as an almost infallible remedy. More recently, it has been recommended by M. Cazin, who employed it with success in cases in which ordinary anthelmintics had but little effect: he always commences with small doses, in order to ascertain how far it will be borne by the digestive organs. For children, he begins with from gr. iss. to gr. iv. - v. of the powdered seeds, mixed with Syrup of Rhubarb; for adults, gr. viij. - ix., with Sugar and a few drops of Ol. Fnic. These doses are to be repeated daily for four days, after which the infusion of Chamomile is to be given.

2399. In Rheumatism And Neuralgia, Dr

Turnbull § employs the Extract, in doses of gr., and applies the Tincture externally to the painful part as a rubefacient.

2400. In Palpitations Of The Heart, When Purely Nervous, Dr

Turnbull derived much benefit from rubbing the Tincture over the region of the heart.

Sabina. See Juniperus Sabina. Oleum SabinAe. See Juniperus Sabina.