A crystalline principle obtained from several species of Salix and Populus. C26H18O14.

Med. Prop. and Action. Tonic and anti-periodic. Its properties much resemble those of Quinine, for which it may be substituted when there is tendency to cerebral complications, or irritability of the st mach, or when Quinine is scarce. It is best given in powder with sugar, or in some aromatic water. Salicine taken internally appears in the urine as Hydruret of Bali-cyle, and causes that fluid to strike purple-red with the per-salts of Iron (Garrod*).

Dose, gr. v. - gr. xxx.

2405. Therapeutic Uses

In Intermittent and other Fevers, it has been employed with advantage. Dr. Bloni states that he has given it extensively in Intermittent, Worm, and Mucous Fevers, and in those arising from Dentition. For the extinction of quotidian and tertian fevers, he administered it during the intermissions, at the rate of gr. xx. in four doses; and in quartans, gr. xxx. in six doses. The last dose was given shortly before the expected paroxysm, which it was found in many cases to check altogether, or greatly to diminish its violence. He employed it chiefly when Quinine was contra-indicated, when the patient was plethoric, or when there was a tendency to vascular congestion of the head, and violent headache. In these cases he observed no unpleasant symptoms arise from its use, although given in doses of gr. vj. - viij. He ascribes the efficacy of Salicine to a peculiar operation on the mucous membranes, of which it elevates the tone, and it also improves the character of the secretions. Subsequent experience has shown, that though of great service occasionally, it is inferior to Quinine in uniformity of action. Many instances of its efficacy are recorded by Prof. Pleischl, of Prague.

2406. In Remittent Fevers, Dr

Blom advises Salicine to be administered during the remission, especially in patients of a phlegmatic temperament and feeble digestion. In Hectic Fever, he also found it useful in diminishing, in a marked manner, the profuseness of the perspirations.