The Dried Root of Sassafras Officinale. Nat. Ord. Lauraceae. Linn. Syst. Enneandria Monogynia. Source, North America.

Med. Prop. and Action. Diaphoretic, stimulant, and alterative. Its activity depends upon a volatile oil, which is dissipated by boiling; it is, consequently, best given in infusion (oz. j. ad Aq. Oj.). The volatile oil is the best form for internal use. It is rarely used alone, but chiefly in combination with Sarsaparilla or Guaiacum. It is inadmissible in all sthenic inflammatory states. It contains about nine per cent. of a peculiar principle, Sassafrin, and five per cent. of Tannin.

Offic. Prep. Decoctum SarsAe Compositum. (See Sarsa.)

Dose of Oil of Sassafras (Oleum Sassafras), ij. - vj. 2442. Therapeutic Uses. In Chronic Rheumatism, Syphilis, Scurvy, and in Cutaneous Affections, it has been employed; but its utility is very doubtful. It is rarely given alone, but in combination with powerful diaphoretics, Guaiacum, &c.