To favour the expulsion of these, Dr. Dewees¶ first suggested the use of the Ergot; and its value, in such cases, has been in part realized by Dr. Macgill.**

2472. In Uterine Polypus, the Ergot has been administered with a view to force these bodies beyond the neck of the uterus, either for the purpose of applying a ligature, or with a view to their excision. (Dewees.) It also proves useful in promoting the expulsion of sanguineous clots from the uterus.

2473. In Leucorrha And Chlorosis, The Ergot Was First Introduced By Dr

M. Hall,* and has since been employed with success by several continental physicians. Dr. Churchill employed it in doses of gr. v., three or four times a day, with decided benefit; a blister, applied at the same time to the sacrum, appears to assist its efficacy. In Dysmenorrha, the Ergot, given just before the expected appearance of the menses, appears to have a beneficial effect. Dose, gr. v., three or four times daily.

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2474. In Menorrhagia, The Ergot Is Advised By Drs

Beatty,§ Ferguson, || Churchill, ¶ &c.; indeed, its value is universally admitted. Dr. Burne** mentions some cases in which an exhausting, draining hAemorrhage had persisted for four or five weeks after abortion, which yielded at once to the use of the Ergot. In other forms of Uterine HAemorrhage, from whatever cause arising, Ergot produced excellent effects in the hands of Trousseau, Some valuable observations on its efficacy in these cases are recorded by Dr. Graily Hewitt. The dose as in the last section.

2475. In Hypertrophy of the Uterus, the aqueous extract of the Ergot has been used with great success by Dr. Arnal.§§ In all chronic engorgements of the Uterus, Leucorrha, Chlorosis, &c., he states that he found it act with uniform benefit, in doses of gr. v. - xv., daily; and that, in some instances, this was continued for three months without producing any ill effects. In some cases it is advantageously combined with the Iodide of Iron.

2476. In retention of Urine, depending upon a want of contractility of the muscular coat of the Bladder, or from Paralysis, Dr. Allier|||| advises Ergot, in doses of j. - ij., daily. He relates some cases successfully treated with it. In retention arising from other causes, it was found inefficient. In Incontinence of Urine occurring in young Girls, the same remedy was found by M. Guerard ¶¶ to be most efficacious.

2477. In Gonorrhoea, Dr

Ryan*** advises the use of the Ergot. He considers that it exercises a powerful influence on the mucous membranes; but its efficacy in this, and in Gleets, for which it is also recommended, requires confirmation. Dr. Negri employed it successfully in these cases, both in the male and female. In Spermatorrhoea, good effects from the use of Ergot (3ss. - 3j., daily), have been obtained by Dr. C. L. Mitchell.*

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2478. In Atonic HAemorrhage, in HAemoptysis, HAematemesis, HAematuria, and Epistaxis, the Ergot has been employed, and, it is stated, with decided benefit, by Mr. Ings, Pignacea, Negri,§ and others; but its powers as an astringent in these cases require confirmation. Dr. Copland speaks favourably of it.