Bicarbonate of Soda. SodAe Sesqui-carbonas. The Sesquicarbonate of Soda. (The Carbonate of the shops.) NaO, HO, 2Co2. Comp. Soda 36.90, Carbonic Acid 52.38, Water 10.71, in 100 parts; or 1 Eq. Soda = 31, + 2 Carbonic Acid = 44, + 1 Water = 9 = 84, Eq. Wt.

Med. Prop. and Action. Antacid, alterative, and lithontriptic. When taken in large and long-continued doses, it causes derangement of the digestive organs and of the assimilating functions, and induces a state of the constitution resembling that accompanying scurvy (see Alkalies). It is frequently employed in making effervescing draughts; thus, gr. xx. of this salt saturates gr. xviij. of Tartaric Acid, or gr. xvij. of Citric Acid, or fl. drs. iv. of Lemon-juice.

Dote, gr. x. - gr. lx.

Incompatible*. Acids and Acidulated Salts, Earthy and Metallic Salts, the Hydrochlorate of Ammonia.

2540. Therapeutic Uses

In Acidity of the Prim Vi, great relief may be afforded by the administration of gr. x. - xv. of the Bicarbonate of Soda in some aromatic water, four or five hours after a full meal. In Cardialgia and Flatulence arising from the same cause, it also proves very effectual. (See also Alkalies.) In the Aphthae of Children, it often proves effectual combined with a few grains of Rhubarb or Hydrargyrum c. Creta.

2541. Calculous Disease

In the Lithic or Uric Acid Diathesis, alkalies are clearly indicated, and are often productive of great temporary benefit. As a rule, the Bicarbonate of Potash is a preferable remedy, as the Urate of Soda is a much less soluble salt than the Urate of Potash. Dr. Prout prefers Potash; but Dr. Marcet* employed successfully the Carbonate' of Soda, in doses of iiss. daily; and it may be observed that the waters of Vichy, which have obtained great celebrity from their known solvent powers of calculous concretions, are almost entirely composed of Soda. The French Codex gives a formula for this celebrated water. It is made of simple acidulous water, impregnated with twice its bulk of Carbonic Acid fxxss., Subcarbonate of Soda gr. xxxij., Sulphate of Soda gr. xvj., Chloride of Sodium gr. iv., Subcarbonate of Magnesia gr. 1/2, Chloride of Iron gr. 1/4, M.