In the severe pain attendant on the passage of Gall Stones, Dr. Prout states that he has seen more immediate alleviation afforded by large draughts of hot water, containing the Carbonate of Soda in solution (3j. - 3ij. ad Aq. Oj.), than by any other means. The alkali counteracts the distressing symptoms produced by acidity of the stomach, while the hot water acts like a fomentation to the seat of pain. The first dose or two will be rejected, but it should be persevered in, and a few drops of Laudanum may be added if necessary.

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2543. In Cholera, the Carbonate of Soda forms one of the principal ingredients employed by Dr. Stevens,* in what is called the saline treatment. His formula was: - ℞ SodAe Carb. 3ss., Sodii Chlorid. j., Potas. Chlorat. gr. vij , M.; dissolve in half a tumblerful of water, and repeat at intervals of from fifteen minutes to an hour, according to circumstances. Salines were at the same time administered in enemas. Great expectations were formed of this treatment; but it does not appear to have answered as well as was anticipated.

2544. In Diarrha, depending upon Acidity of the Stomach, the Carbonate of Soda, by removing the cause, is often productive of much benefit; this is particularly the case in infants. Dr. Will-shire prescribes the following formula: -2542 Biliary Concretions 212Pulv. Rhei gr. ij., Pulv. Ipecac. gr. j., SodAe Carb. gr. iv., M. ft. pulv.

2545. The Vomiting Of Pregnancy May Often Be Arrested By The Carbonate Of Soda (Gr

x. - xv.) with a few drops of T. Opii or T. Hyoscyam., or T. Cardam. Co.

2546. In Dry Catarrh, much benefit is often derived from alkalies, particularly from Sodas Carb. It is supposed to act by attenuating the secretions, and rendering them more liquid. Laennec, who speaks highly of alkalies in these cases, administered this salt in doses of gr. xij. - gr. xxx. daily. Salt water and alkaline baths should be employed at the same time. The Liq. PotassAe is generally preferable. (See Liq. PotassAe.)

2547. Neuralgia, connected with Acidity of the Prima Vim (a very common cause), may often be removed by the administration of mild alkalies. In severe paroxysms of pain, Dr. Theo-philus Thompson states that he has known decided relief produced in a few minutes by the use of a few grains of SodAe Carb.

2548. In Acute Rheumatism, Dr

Wright,§ of Birmingham, states that he has found no remedy so generally efficacious as the mild alkalies, particularly the Carbonate of Soda. He advises it externally, in the form of bath (ij. to the bath), and internally, in the following form: - ℞ SodAe Carb. 3ij., Mist. Camph. fviij., M. sumat. coch. amp. ij. 3tiis horis. He relates several cases illustrative of the efficacy of this treatment, and considers that it acts by correcting the acidity which always exists in rheumatic attacks.

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