Phosphate of Soda. 2 NaO, HO, PO5 + 24 HO. Tribasic Phosphate of Soda. Tasteless Purging Salt. Comp. 2 Eq. Soda = 62, + 1 Tribasic Phosphoric Acid = 72, + 1 Water, as base, = 9, + 24 Water of Crystallization = 216 = 359, Eq. Wt. It is obtained chiefly from bone ashes.

Med. Prop. and Action. Alterative in doses of gr. xx. - gr. lx.; purgative, in doses of oz. ss. - oz, j. It is a mild and efficient purge, and has the advantage of so closely resembling common salt in taste that it may be given in broth or soup, without being distinguishable from the latter. It produces thin watery stools, and is well adapted for children, not only on account of its taste, but from the mildness of its action.

Incompatibles. Mineral Acids, and most metallic and earthy salts.

2570. Therapeutic Uses

Calculous Diseases. Liebig first called attention to the solvent action of Phosphate of Soda on Uric

* Ann, de Therap., 1844, p. 61. Mat. Med., vol. i. p. 578. Abeille Med, 1844, p. 210.

§ Med. Times, June 18, 1853. || New Remedies, p. 743.

Acid deposits, and it has since been used with apparent benefit. Dr. Golding Bird* states that he has employed it in two cases; in one with the effect of rapidly causing the disappearance of the Uric Acid deposit, when many other remedies had previously failed. The dose (gr. xx. - gr. xxx ) may advantageously be given in broth, &c. (ante). The Ammonio-Phosphate of Soda is also a powerful solvent of Uric Acid calculi, but its extremely disagreeable flavour constitutes a great objection to its use.

2571. In Diabetes, It Has Been Advised By Drs

Latham, Sharkey, and others. Dr. Prout regards it as one of the few saline purgatives admissible in the treatment of this disease. Its chief advantage is, he states, that it does not exert a diuretic as well as a purgative effect. Dose, gr. xx. - gr. xxx.

2572. In the Constipation of Children, and in Febrile Attacks, the Phosphate proves an eligible aperient. For children, the dose is gr. v. - x., in soup or broth.

2573. In Gout, Dr

Basham advises the local application of the Bibasic Phosphate of Soda The salt, finely-powdered, is sprinkled on the moistened surface of spongio-piline, and the whole of the affected part enveloped in it, and secured by a bandage. In many instances, it afforded immediate relief.

2574. In Cholera, the Phosphate of Soda was one of the principal ingredients of the saline treatment advised by Dr. O'shaugh-nessy.§ He employed the following mixture: -2573 In Gout Dr 216 SodAe Phos. gr. x., Sodii Chlor. gr. x., SodAe Carb. gr. v., SodAe Sulph. gr. x., Aq. f vj., M. To be repeated every second hour. Like many other once vaunted remedies, it has not sustained its character, but may prove useful occasionally.