Tartrate of Soda and Potash. SodAe Potassio-Tartras. Potassio-Tartrate of Soda. Tar-tarized Soda. Rochelle Salt. Sal Polychrest. NaO, KO, C8H4O10 + 8HO.

Med. Prop. and Action. Diuretic, in doses of gr. xxx. - gr. lx.; cathartic, gr. cxx. - oz. ss. It should be given largely diluted, and may be advantageously administered in the form of Seidlitz Powders(SodAe Pot. Tart. gr. cxx., SodAe Bicarb, gr. xl, in one powder; Acid. Tart. gr. xxx. in another; dissolve the Soda in Oss of water, add the acid, and drink whilst effervescing). When taken in small doses, it renders the urine alkaline, but this is not observed when the salt is given in sufficiently large doses to cause purging. It is particularly adapted to gouty and rheumatic cases, where there is a deposit of Uric Acid or urates; but it proves injurious when the phosphates are present. It is also well adapted as a purgative in febrile affections and in the puerperal state.