Common Potato. As an article of diet the Potato is too well known to require description. In the dry state, it contains Starch 64, Sugar and Gum 15, Proteine compounds 9, fat 1, fibre 11 per cent Its ultimate composition is Carbon 44, Hydrogen 5.8, Oxygen 44.7, Nitrogen 1.5, Ashes 4 = 100. A peculiar alkaloid, Solania, has also been detected. The leaves are stated to be narcotic, but this requires confirmation.

2593. Therapeutic Uses

In Scurvy, Potatoes prove most useful. I have repeatedly seen them productive of the best effects. If taken regularly as an article of diet, they appear to be a preventive of the disease.

2594. In Burns And Scalds, Scraped Potato Is A Popular Application

When boiled, they have also been used as an emollient poultice.

2595. In Poisoning by Iodine, boiled Potatoes act as an antidote, in consequence of the large proportion of starch which they contain.

2596. In Diabetes, bread made of Potatoes entirely deprived of their starch is recommended; but the starch should be carefully removed, otherwise its presence may augment the severity of the disease. In the plain boiled state they are contra-indicated.*

2597. In Neuralgic and Rheumatic Affections, an extract prepared from the herb (in doses of gr. 1/8 - 1/2) is said to act as an anodyne and narcotic.