Dr. Behrend, of Berlin, advises, in the case of small flat nAevi, the application of strong Acetic Acid, followed by compresses soaked in vinegar. Under this treatment, the blood is made to coagulate in its vessels, the nAevus becomes hard and yellow, and is thrown off in the form of a parchment-like layer, by a process of exfoliation. (Mr. E. Wilson.)

27. Corns And Warts May Be Effectually Removed By The Application Of The Strong Acid

The wart should be first carefully pared down, the acid should then be applied with a camel's-hair brush, and subsequently compresses, soaked in vinegar, should be kept in contact with the part. To Venereal Vegetations, Herpes Prputialis, §c., Mr. Acton advises the application of the strong acid. Mixed with the white of egg, it has been advised by Bur-sharat as an application to Sore Nipples. It has also been recommended by Buchanan§; in Deafness caused by deficient cerumen, and in fetid discharges from the external meatus auditorius.